you are a consultant to the government . THE HEALTH department wants to increase the rate of organ donation , they asked you to research different ways to convince people to participate in an organ donation scheme, and write a report with recommendation .

please stick and follow my instruction and my requirement paper to do it easy and no need to review paper many time .
I will upload my paper and you can find my topic it is will be about giving way to persuade people to organ donation . also I will uplaod my plan paper you will use it as guide but there is only three finding you need to change last finding and but 2 more finding , thats mean 2 finding from me and add 2 from you side with different sources for each finding . also the structure you need to do it as my booklet says .give 4 or 3 recommendations, the recommendation should real able and you should have source for that and give recommendation and use ( what ? , why do this ? and how / you can do this ) .you need write abstract in last . for the background need to write every reference that you use . and at least you need to write 2 quotation less 25 words for each . use simple and complex sentence . finally i want to remain not only use this information you need go back and read my upload paper is very important . as should to mention do not use your opinion only should from sources

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