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The professor will ask me a question about the readings and videos I would like a short paragraph about the reading and short paragraph about each of the videos. Please Read The insturctions

One (randomly selected) essay-quiz question will appear when you open this quiz. Quiz question will be drawn from the Unit 2 readings and/or videos, so please have your text and video notes on hand. You must answer in essay (paragraph) form within 20 minutes. Please write in a personal style, add in your own perspectives and/or opinions as relevant. Word-count is not as important as content, but your essay must begin with an introductory sentence, contain pertinent facts in the body, and close with a concluding sentence. You must provide at least two citations, one from text material (page number) and one from a course video (timestamp of minutes:seconds). No need to formally notate, I just need to be able to reference from where in the course you found your referenced material, such as (Moore, p. 78) as a text reference or (“Was Malthus Right?” 24:52) as a video reference. If you’ve taken good video notes (with timestamps) and you’re familiar with the text, you should do well. Be sure to pay attention to time management and submit within 20 minutes.


up to 10pts Introductory sentence

up to 60pts Body of essay

up to 20pts (2 each @ 10pts) citations from course material (one from text, one from a course video)

up to 10pts Concluding / Summary sentence

By the end of this unit, you should be able to:

Explain the links between sustainable development, poverty and the environment.
Explain the power of money and resistance to complex inequality.
Identify the role of civil society in sustainable development.
Provide your personal perspective on the three conflicts inherent within sustainable development.
Identify how ‘hybrid imagination’ can benefit sustainable development.
Describe sustainability aspects of social experiments to fight poverty.



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