working fluid R134a – organic rankine cycyle

1- Write about R 134a which is a working fluid and then compare it why it is better than R 245 fa, please compare between them. One of the thing that could be compared is how they affect (ODP) Ozone Depletion Potential, as it known that R 134a is better for environment and (ODP).

2- In my dissertation, I have to work on R 134a so please give more advantage for this working fluid specially when combined with internal combustion engine (ICE).

3- I will upload a great article all about R134a, in less than 24 hours.

Charts, charts, charts, Charts, charts, charts, Charts, charts, charts please add much as you can graphs and charts.
I do not want to make a revision so please double check your writing as I requested graphs and charts.
You have so many when I upload the article for you as for example: R 134a t-s diagram, power output, evaporation pressure, mass flow rate, volume flow rate, most importantly the optimal organic cycles and engine exhaust gases cooling curve plotted on two superimposed for R 134a
Don’t worry about the pages because you will add many graphs and charts.

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