The Norton Shakespeare (3 pages, 0 slides)

Cohen argues that Love’s Labour’s Lost is a play in which the “wooing and wedding” have “broader social implications” (767). He suggests that the play’s recent resurgence in popularity is due to its use of puns, class and gender issues. This introduction will be useful as evidence for a feminist reading of the play. Cohen’s work assists in a contemporary reading of the play, while still incorporating useful context.
The Norton Shakespeare: Based on the Oxford Edition argues that “Hal must make himself King by a convincing performance of the part” (see page 1180).

Drawing on the introductory material and the text of the play, show the ways in which Hal “performs” to prove his worthiness of the crown.

1. Be certain to craft an argument (900-1,200 words) that you will then prove with your writing, avoiding unnecessary summary.
2. Be certain to provide specific evidence from the play and from the introductory material.

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