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Order Description
• An explanation of why this project is interesting and relevant, not just to you personally but for others, too. In other words, you should present an account of the academic relevance of your project, i.e. how it relates to current research and current developments in TV.
• The questions you will ask and intend to find an answer to.
• A short summary of the main theoretical framework you intend to use in the project – this should include an explanation and discussion of some key theoretical concepts, as well as a critical assessment of the key academic works you are going to base your project on.
• An explanation of how you will go about researching, and what primary/original material (i.e. non-academic sources) you will look at. This should also include a short explanation of the methodological approach you are taking.
• Basic information about your chosen project (Project title, the scope and aims of the project etc)
• The question(s) that you intend to find an answer to in the project.
• A brief presentation of two main industry (i.e. primary) sources and three main academic (i.e. secondary) sources that you intend to use in the project, including motivations of why you consider them to be particularly useful and relevant.

The key assessment criteria for your project proposal are:
(1) The extent to which the items that the presentation must contain are covered in a suitable academic fashion.
(2) The extent to which you have engaged in research in preparation of your presentation.
(3) The relevance and coherence of the proposed theoretical framework of the project.
(4) The extent to which you demonstrate reflexivity and critical engagement in choosing and evaluating your sources.

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