Research paper

The proposal works in three sections.
First, the Introduction section (200-300 words) must:
? Discuss the topic, purpose, and audiences/stakeholders for the research project.
? Pose a narrow, challenging, and grounded research question (RW, 422-3).
? Discuss the context and exigence behind your project.
Then, the paper must include an Annotated Bibliography of between 3-5 sources. At least one must be an academic, peer-reviewed source. Each bibliography entry must start with a properly formatted MLA style citation of the source, followed by a paragraph-length summary of the source itself (150 words or so).
? Use the ?Rhetorical Precis? format to establish the source’s thesis, support, purpose, and audience.
? You can (but are not required) address the source’s reliability, using RW, Chapter 54 and the CRAAP test as a guide. (See the sample in RW, pg. 449.)
In a final Synthesis section of 300-400 words, discuss your findings so far. Rather than summarize your sources in isolation, a synthesis asks you to focus on key ideas that connect and distinguish your sources, all with an eye on answering your own research question.
? How do your sources help you answer your question?
? Does one of your sources present a blind spot that another source helps you fill in?
? Are there any areas where your sources fundamentally disagree, and if so, how will you address
that gap?
? What different functions do your sources perform (establishing credibility, offering background,
developing concepts, establishing a theory that can then be tested, providing vivid examples
that prove a theory?)
While you can certainly quote your sources to demonstrate your understanding of them, be careful to use summary or paraphrase to keep the amount of quoted to a minimum. Be especially careful to set- up and contain your sources so that your voice and your ideas remain the focus. Conclude the synthesis by discussing what other directions your research would need to take to fully answer the research question you started with.
All told, the Research Proposal will weigh in between 800-1200 words.

My research topic question I chose for the paper to be on is:
To what extent will lowering the drinking age increase drinking and alcohol related consequences among youth?

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