Prejudice and Pre-judgement

1. Please do not show quoting an external text about arguments, references is zero. Please follow the require of No2 to write the argument.
2. Read the passage below (assign2,pdf). Write a very short essay (1 page, 12-point font, single or double- spaced, normal margins, no cover page) in which you evaluate the argument(s) contained in the passage below.
Your response should do two things. First, clearly state the argument made by the author of the passage. Once you have isolated the argument from any extraneous material, analyse the argument into the premises, sub-conclusions (if any) and conclusion. I would prefer you to do this in point form, simply listing the premises, sub-conclusions (if any) and conclusion. Be sure to make a very clear statement of each point. (So, for example, do not use the word ā€˜Iā€™ to refer to anyone but yourself.) Second, evaluate the quality of the argument, giving reasons to justify your evaluation. Write out your evaluation in the form of a very, very short essay: a long paragraph or two should do nicely. For purposes of evaluation, assume the speaker is Brandon Bean, a member of this section of Critical Thinking, and assume that his audience is you, the class as a whole.
3.You will be provided with a second brief essay, which will also contain an argument. Your job is to use the knowledge you have gained in the first five units to interpret this argument and evaluate its quality. (the 5 units PDF document is uploading on the list)

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