Dissertation Format


This is a sample dissertation Format

Cover Page

Here insert your details, including the dissertation, thesis title. The cover page format may vary from institution to another


A simple declaration may read as follows

This research project is my original work and has not been presented for any award in this, or any other university.


Here acknowledge individuals you feel you owe gratitude

This Research Project is dedicated to my Dear Parents, Mr and Mrs. XXX for their unrivaled support throughout my academic journey. To God, be the glory for the far he has brought me. The work is also dedicated to my colleagues, Ms. XXX and Ms. XXX for their encouragement and constant reinforcement throughout the process of research formulation, data collection and analysis. To all the staff of XXX, your support has been immense. It is highly appreciated.


Here acknowledge those who have helped you in the process of completing the dissertation/thesis. A sample may read as

My sincere gratitude goes to my supervisors Prof. XXX and Dr. XXX for their leadership, unrivaled support and guidance in the preparation of this research project. Special thanks go to my family, friends and colleagues for their support and cooperation during the process of undertaking this work.


It should be one page and SHOULD NOT have paragraphs. It must contain all the important points of your dissertations such as Sample Size, Sampling Techniques, Methods, Key Objective etc. In short, the abstract should give a busy panel of reviewers what they expect if they read through your work

Table of Content

Always update it before the final printing

List of tables/Figures

All tables used in your work are listed here. Also, update before printing


For all acronyms used, writer them in full. Examples would be

  • LDCs Least Developed Countries
    • MFIs Micro Finance Institutions
    • NYDA National Youth Development Agency

Definition of Terms

Define all terms you have used in your paper if the terms may not be self explanatory. This is your last preliminary page. The preliminary pages should always be done after the completion of your work.


1.1 Background of the Study

Here give the background of your study. Start from the Global Perspective giving cases, then go to continental issues, narrow further to your Region, Country and finally to your case.







Country Case

1.2 Statement of the Problem

A good statement of the problem must achieve the following;

  • It must show what is the problem
  • How is it a problem
  • To whom is it a problem

1.3 Objective

1.3.1 General Objective

Should be one succinct statement capturing what your real objective of the study is

1.3.2 Specific Objectives

This is where most people go wrong. Specific objectives are direct objectives you want to achieve. Each objective is linked to one research question. Each set of research question/objective forms a theme in the questionnaire/interview schedule or any other instrument of data collection. The same applies to a Hypothesis where the Specific objectives are replaced by Research hypothesis and the research question by the Null hypothesis. The OBJECTIVES or HYPOTHESIS is the backbone of the research

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