Organisational Change and Sustainable Organisations A CASE of KUWAIT OIL COMPANY

You are a team of organisational change experts and you are required to locate a problem an organisation or industry currently faces to improve their environmental sustainability and recommend a change strategy. You will need to incorporate key theory and identify factors of change necessary to sustain the change. Focus on one of the three key themes in your report (Human Sustainability, Leadership & Governance or Innovation & Industry) to guide your analysis and recommendations.

In developing your recommendations, the written report must utilise at least two organisational change theories, processes or models to address these research questions:

How can the organisation/industry lessen its impact on the environment?

What change processes are useful and effective for organisations to develop sustainable practices?

Who will be affected by these changes?

What obstacles might the organisation face in order to become sustainable?

How can these obstacles be overcome?

What evidence can you use to support your recommendations?

To address these questions, your report must cover the following aspects (but these do NOT need to be used as subheadings:


Outline the background of the chosen organisation or industry and what needs to change and why.

Theoretical Analysis:

Review the theory regarding change process in organisations. Include definitions of key concepts, and analyse and compare the effects and importance of the various drivers of change using at least 2 theories.

Application of Theory:

Link change theory to the organisation /industry to becoming sustainable and lessen its impact on the environment and discuss the effects on the organisation / industry of these changes. Connect using your chosen theme.

Overcoming Obstacles and Sources of Resistance:

Highlight potential obstacles in the organisation /industry to the proposed changes being sustained in the medium to long term. Consider how an organisation may overcome such obstacles. Highlight the role of people also.


Provide and justify specific recommendations. These should extend from your discussion and use the supporting theory above. Identify any limitations with change theory.

List of References:

This section will list all references cited in the report. You must have a minimum of 3 peer reviewed journal articles per group member. You can include other journals, books, internet sources etc. The reference list needs to list all resources used alphabetically using the Harvard referencing style. You may only list those references that are cited in the text of the assignment.

Marking Criteria (See VU Collaborate for complete criteria)

Task & Info (3 refs per member, >2 models/approaches, answer research questions, grammar)


Change Theory understanding clearly demonstrated (apply theories & theme)


Structure / argument (link recommendations to org & address resistance)


Further information will be provided on VU Collaborate and in class. Note Turnitin requirements on page 6.

Note: Moderation by peers: Following submission, each group member must conduct an assessment of their and their group members’ performance in completing the Group Written Report submitted to VU Collaborate under Assignment dropbox. This practice of making judgements of your own and other students’ work will assist your learning process and will be used to moderate group member marks if required. Due: 15th September.

Please note: it is your responsibility to ensure you receive an equitable share of the group marks. This is dependent upon your contribution – from idea generation to research, through to peer teaching, note/report writing and finally process evaluation. Following the leader’s instructions only does NOT demonstrate equal EBL contribution


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