Mobile Phone Battery Wirless Charger

Mobile Phone Battery Wirless Charger

1) Explain each element in each diagram and how they work in the circuit
2) Analysis of the diagrams geometric analysis of how they work and error possibilities and problems
3) the report structure:
An Abstract in no more than 400 words.
• An Acknowledgement by the author of help given or work carried out by any other person or organisation
• A Table of Contents
• An Introduction chapter
• The main text (which typically includes the following chapters: Background, Proposed Method, Results and Discussion)
• A Conclusion chapter
• References
• Appendices (if any)

Mobile phone chargers available in the market are quite expensive. The circuit presented here comes as a low-cost alternative to charge mobile battery packs with a rating of 7.2 volts.
Circuit Diagram


Figure 1  Mobile Phone Battery Charger Circuit Diagram

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