Reparations for black Americans.

Reparations for black Americans.

Prompt given to me: MLA FORMAT
In this essay, you will conduct scholarly research to find and explain ways to make the world a better place. The goal here is to improve a situation in positive ways and not reinforce or work against. You do not need a counter argument, because reality is the counterargument. In this essay I pose the problem, you choose and narrow the problem, and you do the research and writing to support your argument.
The final essay should be 6-ish pages, include 4 scholarly sources, and use MLA format and citation. (Last page should be for citations in MLA format)

Topic I chose out of a handful that we were given: We must provide reparations for black Americans. The wealth and infrastructure of this country was built by slaves and their descendents, and they were never compensated for their lives and work. How might reparations work? That’s the question.

I already had to turn in a works cited page so if possible please use info from these scholarly articles:






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