construction and building ethics

I am a student in civil engineering and the report is about ethics regard with the building and construction. The report must be related with the irish interst, prefebally nothing involved with the Uk . i want it to be all about the ireland code, and some comparcent between Saudi Arabia and Ireland about work ethics beause thats where i am from. please consider these referrences.
* Engineers Ireland – Code of Ethics and Bye-laws
*- www.
* – Ethics in public procurement issued on Moodle.
* – Environmental considerations in public procurement
*- Guidance Notes Ref. GN 1.4/ 2.3/2.3.2/2.3.2.
*- “Management in the Built Environment in Ireland” by Margaret Linehan, Paul Greaney and Edel Foster.
*- Recommended books as set out in the MDT issued at the beginning of the year.

Indicative marking scheme only
* 1. Structure of the essay including evidence of wider reading.
2. Critical analysis.
3. Presentation.
4. Referencing using the GMIT Harvard referencing system ( guidance available in the library ).
5. Bibliography using the GMIT Harvard referencing system
6. Word Count included.

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