Cnet 226

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

I will upload to you the assignment specification Please follow them carefully and I will upload to you the lecture notes so you can read them they will help you to do the assignment so do please use them. I want my assignment to be zero plagiarism . if you want any things please do ask don’t hesitate feel free to contact me.

To achieve a first class (70%+),the written report must include justified analysis of all networking components and technologies included.
And I need the first class mark to PASS.

Please make sure that you do the TWO parts .


PART 1 (50%)

You are a network engineer and you want to build a network for internet connectivity, printer and file sharing (through servers) to a company that has 4 offices with 10 computers each. All the offices are located in the ground floor of a building along a corridor with 2 of them to the left and 2 to the right. The building is in the last stages of construction with no flooring yet. You are told that a juniper networks M10i router will be located at the ground floor in a rack with no other space available. The owner of the company tells you that there is a large probability for expansion next year occupying the same 4 rooms that are located in the first floor exactly above the rooms in the ground floor. You should implement wired connections. Write a report describing all the considerations you should make (for now and the future) and after making a list of devices, other hardware and cabling you will need to draw a diagram of the network. Use legends to describe devices cabling and network cards.

PART 2 (50%)

Prepare a Written Report and draw a diagram of a core network able to support the following UK cities: Plymouth, London, Birmingham and Leeds. You should use multiple pages if needed and legends for various connections and equipment. The needs for every city should be related to their population. You should make the assumption that for every 4 citizens (find populations and divide it by 4) there is a adsl2+ connection with an a maximum peak of 15 Mbps and in any given time there are no more than 5% of the families downloading at the same time with the maximum speed.

There is only one connection to the internet (international networks) from London and 100% of the traffic is international. Assume that each city has a border router and after that it’s the core network. You don’t have to create a diagram to represent equipment connected to the downlinks from any router to smaller networks within the cities.

Information should be provided for every choice you make, in the diagram. Architectural considerations like choice of devices, topology, resiliency, future needs, cost (not necessary), technical details of interfaces, cabling and interoperability should be considered. Use legends to describe devices cabling and network cards.

Additional information in the form of a presentation will be provided in a lecture and labs will be dedicated for the assignment. You should proceed in steps being supported by my verbal feedback in every step because it’s very difficult to do it on your own. Apart from the Labs I will allocate time for questions after the lectures. The last day per term per term will be allocated for drop in sessions (term 1 my office, B332 Portland square, term 2 in the lecture theatre or in my office) with students that want feedback or have questions.

You are required to work in groups of 3-4 students.

You should justify all your choices.

Length: 4000 – 6000 words.

Marking Criteria:

Written Report (50%)

Fully documented approach with justification of your architecture choices.

Network Diagrams (50%)

Your network diagrams should be accurate with correct legends

Threshold Criteria:

To achieve a pass (40%), the report must demonstrate a basic understanding of core networks networking architectures which should also be reflected on the diagram. You must provide a justified Written Report and diagram of the network.

To achieve a first class (70%+), the written report must include justified analysis of all networking components and technologies included.

The network diagram must be of the specific architecture with the use of appropriate explanations i.e. legends.


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