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The purpose of this assignment is to allow you an opportunity to investigate the relationship between the components of the marketing programme, and between the marketing programme and market entry strategy.

“The most distinguishing feature of born global firms is that they tend to be managed by entrepreneurial visionaries, who view the world as a single, borderless marketplace.” Hollensen, S., (2011)

By reference to the academic literature, critically evaluate whether this view of the world is useful to companies that are seeking to expand internationally.
Format for the submitted work

The work must be submitted in an essay format which addresses the task clearly. The word limit for this assignment is 2000 words. Harvard referencing must be used throughout.
Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes being addressed through this assignment are:

c) Critically evaluate theoretical concepts pertaining to the components of the marketing programme.

d) Appraise the suitability of alternative market entry methods as part of the formulation of an organisation’s international marketing strategy.

h) Make discriminating use of a range of learning resources in order to solve problems within the domain of international marketing strategy.

i) Communicate the solutions arrived at, and the thinking underlying them, in written form.
Assessment criteria

Please consult Section 5 ‘Being assessed’ in your Postgraduate Handbook for general information on assessment at The University of Northampton.

In broad terms students should demonstrate their ability to identify, critically examine and apply relevant theoretical concepts to the task in a manner that exhibits an appreciation of the practical relevance of those concepts.

In order to gain a good grade for this assignment at this level you are expected to pay attention to the following:
Structure and clarity of expression
At this level, assignments should show a clear and logical organisation of the material, and are expected to focus clearly on the task set. Structure and language are expected to be used effectively in order to communicate your ideas clearly to the audience.

Content and understanding
You are expected to make use of skills and knowledge developed in this module and in particular through your wider reading in addressing the task set. You will need to apply relevant analytical frameworks both to inform your analysis and to structure your work. Frameworks of relevance will include those relating to the international marketing programme, market entry strategies, and standardisation / adaptation.
Evidence of analysis and evaluation is fundamental to success at this level. The critical application of relevant analytical frameworks is required – purely descriptive work is likely to fail.
Reading/Research and Referencing
At this level it is expected that a substantial amount of wider reading (mainly academic journal articles, but also appropriate textbooks and industry/professional sources) will be carried out to inform your work.
Application to industry
This work requires the application of relevant theoretical concepts to international marketing decisions. Therefore although the report does not focus on a specific brand, it remains necessary to demonstrate an appreciation of the practical relevance of theory. Descriptive and / or generalised work is inappropriate.


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