ACTIVE Participation – Module 1 "Real-World" Discussion forum

ACTIVE Participation – Module 1 “Real-World” Discussion forum:

NOTE: This discussion forum counts towards your grade. It will NOT be accessible after the due date for your Module 1 assignments.

The purpose of this discussion forum is to “engage the class” by sharing with your peers knowledge you have learned from this course. Therefore, this forum is structured to be similar to a “mini-research presentation forum”. Each student shares with the class in their discussion posting knowledge they have gained from their research of the following selected Discussion Question:

Find an annual report for a comany of interest (perhaps your employer). Publicly held company annual reports (10K) can be located via a search link at

NOTE: To perform the search in the Edgar Archives the best way is to enter the “ticker symbol” for the company. In Yahoo finance (MSN, or other investment websites) enter the company’s name next to the icon “Get Quotes”. For example, Tech Data Corp’s ticker symbol is “TECD” and Bloomin’ Brands ticker symbol is “BLMN”. If you need assistance, please e-mail me.

Click on the link to “Interactive Data” and then the link to the “Financial Statements”. Locate and review the Statement of Cash Flows. Share in your post why you are interested in this company and information you found useful in the Statement of Cash Flows. For example, where is most of the company’s cash coming from. If it is operating activities it is a “good” sign. If net cash flow from operating activities is negative (using) cash how is the company generating cash (i.e., discuss the investing and financing activities). Calculate “free cash flow”. Share with the class your insights regarding the performance of this company based on your analysis of this financial statement.

Grading Rubric: You will earn 100 points when you create a “Start a New Thread” before the due date of your Module 1 assignments. NO LATE POSTINGS WILL BE ACCEPTED – NO EXCEPTIONS. After you have conducted your research please share with the class approximately 1-2 paragraphs (less than 100 words). Use proper sentence structure and language. While you will not be graded on accuracy the goal of this assignment is to share with your peers “real-world” application of knowledge you have learned from this course.


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