A report on your own IMC for the launch of a Renault car into a country of your choice

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Information about the assignment: Read the Renault case study: The Planning and implementation of integrated marketing communications by Barbara Caemmerer The main objective of the Renault campaign was to increase consumers’ awareness of the safety of Renault cars and they designed an integrated marketing communications mix to meet that objective. What marketing communications mix would you design and how would you execute it if the objective was to increase the number of customer enquiries in a selected geographical market? The focus of this task is on choosing the right mix and providing justification for your choice. This includes making appropriate decisions for the geographical market you select, and using up to date data to support your choice.
You should be creative with this task, which should take 3 or 4 pages. You must reference as appropriate.
you need to Choose reall agency company and talk about it
Steps in the campaign (your own creativity)
1) Situational analysis
2) Identification of marketing communications opportunity
3) Agency selection
4) Campaign development and implementation
5) Campaign evaluation
6) Future planning

A marketing strap line should summarise what your brand stands for in just a few words. It should support your brand positioning and communicate what you are about. Brands will spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on agencies to develop their marketing strap lines, with varying degrees of success. Burger King’s “Have it your way” (Independent young consumers) McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it” (helps to support their strategy of tying the brand to positive emotional connections

The planning and implementation of integrated marketing communications

Case study. March 2009
Barbara Caemmerer

Department of Marketing, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK

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