Legal Aspects of Oil & Gas

Legal Aspects of Oil & Gas

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When it comes to allocating and managing risks in the Oil & Gas Industry, there are several ways in which both the host country and the international oil companies manage this. Discuss the different ways in which this is managed by the parties in a Product Sharing Agreement and comment on whether the status quo is satisfactory.

You must support your answer with relevant and appropriate examples

In attempting your coursework, please ensure that you have addressed the following key requirements :-
1. Have you defined ‘risk’ within the context of the Oil & Gas Industry ie – risks peculiar to the Host State and risks that are peculiar to the IOCs
2. Have you identified the different types of risks that may arise in ‘upstream, mid stream and downstream’ activities
3. Explore how these risks arise – whose problem/s are they ?
4. How are these risks managed/ dealt with/resolved?
5. How effective is the risk management policy. provedure and protocol
6. How are these risks managed in the contract between the Host State and the IOC
7. What sort of clauses address risk or risks – give examples and explain the effectiveness of these clauses.
8. What is the current status quo on risk management?
9. Refer to related academic articles and contextually analyse the articles with refernec to the CW question

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